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Gidday. I'm a podcast and music producer based in East London.

In 2016, I left small town New Zealand to pursue big dreams.


Without connections I took a leap into the unknown and discovered that every good thing and every step closer to a dream coming true begins with the word"hello". 

Through curating conversations and creating atmospheric music, my work deepens people's connection to the world around them. And the deeper our connection, the more we thrive. 



A  45min audio bus  journey capturing the stories of Bristolians affected by development

A 7min highlight reel from 4 hours of community conversations at All Points East festival



 Margot Przymierska, The People Speak

"We collaborated with Jo Elise on creating an audio piece that reflects the thoughts, experiences and ideas of the residents of Knowle West area of Bristol, at the centre of a regeneration project.


We wanted to work with an artist who is sensitive to the sound of the area but also people’s stories and has an imaginative approach to collaborative creation. Jo was an absolute great artist for it!

I couldn’t recommend working with Jo enough. Her creative approach and experience of songwriting and composing music contribute to her unique artistic style. It’s been very easy to communicate with Jo and shape all aspects of the project with The People Speak and Knowle West Media Centre. We can’t wait to collaborate with Jo again!"

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