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Learning music skills are for everyone and should be fun! 


When I had my first singing lesson, it was like a light switch turned on from night to day. My world changed, my eyes lit up, and the world felt vibrant, like technicolour.

This experience shapes how and why I teach and lessons include warm ups, deep dives to understand the why behind what we do, and using your favourite songs to build skills together. 

You'll get a takeaway PDF or file so you can try out what we cover in lessons at home as well. 

In each lesson it's important to me that you're equipped with positive ways of thinking about and approaching creativity, performing and confidence.

The inner critic may never go away completely, but we can find ways of keeping that voice quiet so you can enjoy what you do and expressing yourself freely!

I want people:
• to know how to move through mental blocks when performing or when they want to perform for the first time
• to understand how to use their voice and body in music, how to perform and practice and play! have fun!
• to feel connected and relaxed when they sing
• to feel deeply connected to their creativity

My experience

I have a Bachelors degree in Jazz performance, play multiple instruments, have worked as a music teacher and music director for 8 years, and have released music on major streaming platforms.

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