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Transport for NSW: creating reusable content structures

In 2020 I helped create reusable content that works for 70+ vehicle types to help customers know if they're eligible for conditional registration. 


After the pages went live, the customer service team received less phone calls about conditional registration meaning the content was answering the questions customers had.



Using SEMrush and Google Trends, I researched what were common questions and associated search terms for these vehicle types to see what type of content we were missing. 

We also had the top pages in this section tracked with heatmapping to see how much time on the page people spent, and whether there were common actions they took across pages. 

Some of the vehicles were seasonal or quite obscure (snowmobiles, beach cleaning machines) and had regional names that were different to the official government description. 

I captured all of this information in a document ready to go for the drafting process. 

Using the research, I created a structure that led people through the most important questions and eligibility criteria.

I prioritised showing the locations where vehicles needed to be registered – like public roads or farm accessways – at the top of the page, before including information like license type and links to 'how to apply'.

While the vehicle types, license criteria and conditions of use are all different, much of the copy could be reused across the pages. 

In the team's CMS I created a template including the structure, headings, image requirements and copy which made uploading the 72 vehicle sheets a much faster and smoother process. 



The final test was to run the pages past the senior stakeholder to make sure they complied with government legislation. Then when the pages were live, we asked the customer service team to track how many calls they received after the go live date relating to the topic.

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